Special Services

Photo Courtesy of Jason Connolly PhotographyFor all of us, there are two significant events in our life . . . we come . . . and we go. But there's loads that happens in between! In the Church we celebrate the birth of a child with a special service called 'Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child.' When Christian parents and godparents desire to raise their child in the Christian Faith, a 'Christening' (also called 'baptism') is special service too. For a man and woman seeking marriage, Christ Church is a great building and facility but most importantly a great community to be part of. For some, Christ Church holds a special place in their heart, as a place where they said farewell to their loved one at a funeral.

For all these life events, we're here to help. Please explore our ThanksgivingChristeningsConfirmationWeddings and Funerals pages for more information.